Where Did The Lingos Go?

Jaycelin Kovach, Trinity Butler, and Myia Mcghee, Staff Writers

June 7, 2019

Through the course of your life you will encounter many different kinds of people. These people can be from many different cultures all of whom grow up with different languages. People develop trends of different verbal sayings,...

The 2019 Special Olympics Global Youth Summit Attended by Old Mill

By Tori Callender, Staff Writer

June 7, 2019

The Global Youth Leadership Summit is an event in which 150 people from 45 countries meet to discuss how to improve inclusion practices all over the world. Coach Cathy Wiley, Senior Julia Bagnell, and Senior Chad Brooks...

Senior Daevone Johnson


May 13, 2019

A water fountain deemed unsafe to drink in the cafeteria.

Lead in the Water

March 29, 2019

Screen Time 101

Dontae Shannon & Taleja Turner, Staff Writers

January 30, 2019

Stop and think, “How much time do I look at a screen?” Not just to your TV but to your cellphone, your iPad, and maybe even your Apple Watch. Not only in your home but how often are you on your phone instead of being more...