Old Mill Wish List

Noah Ferguson, Staff Writer

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Imagine a perfect Old Mill High, you not only can bear going to school, but you actually start to like and look forward to school. Sounds way too good to be true, but it does help us moving forward, finding out what the students would like, to have a better student experience. So I went out to ask the students what they’d wish for in their perfect Old Mill. I found that the students took more of an interest in additions and less in removing problematic issues; that means the students can see the improvements. But we can band together for ideas, and just stay in touch with the students and how they feel.

A few of the things were free lunches, a swimming pool, more coaches, getting paid to go to school, and for more teacher consideration. A lot of exclusive wishes, after all this is a very subjective story. Most of the teachers are extremely considerate and that should be appreciated, good coaches are hard to come by, free lunch and getting paid to go to school means missing out on money that would actually help improve the standard of our education, but getting paid to be in school does not sound bad at all, and not I don’t have money for food every day. Our students did not only request addition but the removal of a constant pain, homework. The number one cause of stress for high school students. After interviewing more people I made an unusual discover…

A lot of students are pretty satisfied with their current Old Mill experience, saying that they like how it is or wouldn’t change anything. In closing I want to ask you, what would you wish to see in Old Mill? The world? All we can do is try, so are you willing?

When asked what she would wish to see in Old Mill, she said "I don't know... I feel like Old Mill is pretty good as it is"

When asked what she would wish to see in Old Mill, she said “I don’t know… I feel like Old Mill is pretty good as it is”

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Old Mill Wish List