Old Mill Students’ Favorite Gifts For Christmas

Shaun Hoffmann, Staff Writer

When it comes around to Christmas, there can be presents that are a big surprise or a terrible gift. Christmas is a joyful holiday where all families should enjoy their time opening their grateful gifts.

Everyone has that one favorite memory about opening that one gift that you always wanted. There are many presents you can get on Christmas like some video games or electronics. Some students from Old Mill High School would like to tell you about their favorite present that they got in previous years:

“A new bike,” sophomore Matolih Keyeh said. “it’s useful because I can leave the house quicker.”

“A new phone,” sophomore Cece Lewin said.”because I use it a lot.”

“Puppies,” junior Jordan Hoffmann said. “because they’re so cute.”

“A record player, “ junior Kayla Jackson said.”because I like listening to music.”

“A new computer,” freshman Cristian Bonilla said.”because I’ve been wanting it for a while.”

“Socks, “ sophomore Dermot Eban said.”because they feel warm.”