Celebrating Mr.Barrett’s 16th Year at Old Mill High School

Khadija Naeem and Shaun Hoffmann, Staff Writers

Mr. Barrett at his desk in his downstairs office.

Helping students succeed and seeing them grow is something Mr. Barrett, Old Mill High School’s 9th grade guidance counselor, aspires to do. His family and his job is a huge influence on his life. 

Kenneth  Brandon Barrett was born on April 16th, 1965 in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Barrett moved to Baltimore, Maryland when he was three years old and had many childhood friends who he is still in touch with. Growing up, his parents, Judy and John Barrett, were a huge influence on his life as he was an only child. They told him the rights and wrongs in life and helped his decision making skills.

As a student, he was average and did the minimum amount of work. Mr. Barrett looked up to his teacher, Mr. Morrow, who helped him achieve his goals and always believed in him. His favorite subject in high school was History because he loved watching The History Channel and reading non-fiction books about the subject. He played track-and-field and got involved in the Government Club. After graduating high school, Barrett attended Lincoln University in Pennsylvania for undergraduate studies, and Loyola University (Md) for graduate school. In college he met Tonya, and they soon got married in July 1993. Four years later, their son, Kellan, was born. Mr. Barrett’s greatest achievement was raising his son to be a good person, and the birth of his son was his favorite memory in life.

 Mr. Barrett has been counseling at Old Mill since 2004. He chose counseling because he wanted to help others achieve their goals and always knew he wanted to help other people. The influence of his counselor in high school was another reason he wanted to help people. He saw him as a fraternal figure. In his 16 years of counseling, Mr. Barrett’s favorite memory was watching a student who struggled with mental health issues finally graduate and achieve their goals. 

“I always knew I wanted to help people,” said Mr. Barrett. “And be in the ‘helping profession.’”  

Outside of school life, Mr. Barrett enjoys biking and reading non-fiction books. He drives a Toyota Camry and an Acura TL, but his dream car is a Powder Blue Bentley. He enjoys watching Power the TV show on STARZ and the movie Malcolm X because it shows how even criminals can turn their lives around for the better. Mr. Barrett’s favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens. He loves warm areas, such as the Caribbean and the Bahamas. He likes eating steak and salmon, and loves grilling. Mr. Barrett has his dream job as a counselor and wouldn’t change it for anything else.