Students Parking in the Teacher Lot

Tori Callender, Staff Writer

Over the past year there has been a bit of controversy over students parking in the teacher lot rather than the student lot. Some do it because they are late to school and others do it simply for a shorter walk.

According to Mr. Moede the consequence of doing so is a $15 fine, and a call to a parent. Discipline for more than one offense is detention also known as Saturday school.  For repeated offenders their vehicle may be towed.

Students are so fixated on parking in the teacher lot because it’s a shorter walk in the morning. Mr. Moede said he wishes he could make that entire lot the “senior lot,” like it was 20+ years ago but due to recent growth in student population and therefore teacher population he doesn’t see that ever happening again.

A few spots in the lot are designated for the Athletic Secretary, Bull Roast Auction Winner, and senior class officers. For the rest, some students just asked Mr. Moede if they can have a spot and he makes sure they are good students (no bad discipline, no outstanding parking tickets, and good grades) and he distributes until he runs out of spots.

Kids were also motivated to park in the lot because of last year’s student lot parking policy. Each student who had a pass had an assigned spot. Mr. Moede got an innumerable of complaints about people parking in the wrong spots, someone taking their spot, and even people who used the track during the day parking in students spots. This year’s policy has been changed where students can park anywhere as long as they have a pass. This policy worked tremendously better as students picked their own spots, parked with their friends, and were able to look out for each others vehicles too.