Top 5 Video Games To Play in Old Mill

Robert Dula, Staff Writer

Many people in Old Mill play video games. Its a given that video games have become one of the most popular hobbies and even jobs people have been engulfing. Everyone has their favorite video game ever, whether its because of the memories or because of how good it was. Everyone has that one special game. These are the top 5 video games at Old Mill:

  1. Minecraft- 34%
  2. Fortnite- 26%
  3. Rainbow Six- Siege 18%
  4. Black Ops 2- 12%
  5. Rocket League- 10%

Minecraft wins the poll by 8%. Minecraft has recently become a nostalgic piece of entertainment because of its recent 10 year anniversary on May 17th 2019.

Fortnite blew up in popularity in early 2018 but still has held a good number of those players in mid 2019. Rainbow Six Siege’s tactics and intense gameplay has made it a very popular game to a teenage audience. Black Ops 2 which came out in 2012 came out when most of the teenagers were just getting into gaming and has held a spot in their memories.

Rocket League is an outlier in this list. Rocket League is a car soccer game that has more to it than it sounds. The game is for casual and competitive players

Minecraft is still the most successful sandbox even 10 years later