2019 Old Mill Softball Season Wrap-Up


Sophomore Sheila Kiernan, who was a constant force in the box score this season.

Caleb Ellison, Staff Writer

Another Spring, another season of softball for the Old Mill Lady Patriots.

The Lady Patriots finished the 2019 season with a regular season record of 9-7, and a first-round exit in the Class 4A East Region Section I quarterfinal after losing to Arundel.

With only 2 seniors on this season’s roster, being Shelby Aguilar and Rebekah Metter, next season will bring plenty of opportunities for players to take a leadership role on the team.

Looking into the future, that is the theme with the team. There is a lot of young talent on the roster that is ready to break out and make an impact on the team and in the county.

One of the young stars on the team is sophomore Sheila Kiernan. She saw plenty of playing time in the 2019 season and already has plans for the future of the team.

“By the time I’m a senior, we’ll be more competitive in the league,” said Kiernan.

An element that fuels the competitive fire are rivalries. The Lady Patriots were able to meet their regular season goal of “Beating Arundel,” according to junior Saraeh Stoner, which was accomplished on April 5th when Old Mill won over the Wildcats, 5-2.

“There is a lot of young girls who can continue to get better and grow with the team,” said senior Shelby Aguilar, who understands that growth and improvement of skills are vital to the team’s future success. Growing with the team is also important, the bonds and collaborations made within a team can never be understated.

The Old Mill softball team is a team that has the potential to turn into a competitive force in the county.