Old Mill 2019 Bocce Ball Season Was One Of The Best

Robert Dula, Staff Writer

Old Mill’s Bocce Ball 2019 season was one of the best seasons ever as the Patriots were invited to the State Tournament to compete in the competition.

The team captains who were Julia Bagnell, Jada Lardizabal, and Linda Redd, led the team to a great regular season record of 3-1-1. The regular season went smoothly which allowed the team to advance into states. States was more of an experience for the team as the team is a part of the Old Mill coed program. The players and the coach loved being there. It was a huge deal that none of them had experienced before. The team placed 8th at states.

The experience of Bocce Ball did not stop there. Two players, Julia Bagnell and Chad Brooks, and the head coach Cathy Wiley took a visit to Abu Dhabi. The team has 12 seniors that will be leaving next year. Coach Wiley said that most of them have been playing Bocce Ball for 3-4 years which gave them tons of experience to help the team out. The 12 seniors leaving next year means that there needs to be new talent that can join the team. Coach Wiley says that the seniors have been role models to the coed players all this season. They will celebrate the seniors leaving on May 14, 2019.

Overall the special ed players and the helpers played a great fun season that went further than expected.  States was an experience that they will all remember including the helpers of the team.

“Let me win, and if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt.” -Special Olympics Athlete Oath told by Head Coach Wiley.