Teacher Profile: Mr. Lesica

Mikey Adelberger, Staff Writer

Mr. Lesica is a history teacher at Old Mill High School. He originally wanted to coach, and he found teaching as an easy way to become a coach.

“Easiest way to coach is to become a teacher,” Lesica said.

Mr. Lesica played Club Lacrosse while he attended the university of Delaware. Lesica expected this school to be better than where he came from and thought the basketball and football teams were pretty good.

“I just always liked sports,” Lesica said, “The most important people in my life have always been coaches.

His favorite part about teaching is when his students are trying to learn and are having fun at the same time. When school is over, and he goes to coach the JV lacrosse team, he enjoys getting kids to the next level. Winning is important to him and it helps him enjoy sports. He wishes all his players played at their full potential.

“It’s hard making them compete all the time,” Lesica said. “I know some can do more if they try more.”

Mr. Lesica spends some free time tutoring at the Sylvan Learning Center. He is also currently enrolled in graduate school and has future plans of someday becoming more.

“I want to become an Athletic Director,” Lesica said