Ms. Culver: How A Job Can Change A Person

Jasmine Outen , Staff Writer

Ms. Culver is a long-term substitute at Old Mill High School. She is substituting for Mrs. Gershon who previously taught an Honors English 11 course. Ms. Culver attended The University of Maryland and graduated in 2017. She was a substitute for four months at this school before she took the long-term job here this year. 

“I tried a lot of jobs and wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do, and substituting is easy and fun for me,” Ms. Culver said. 

Ms. Culver received her bachelors degree in Economics. However, she couldn’t figure out what she wanted to do next. She attended many different career fairs after graduating but nothing caught her eye. She figured that substituting would give her something to do while she continued to search for jobs. 

“I came to like kids, high school kids mainly,” Ms. Culver said. 

 Since taking the long-term position, it has allowed Ms. Culver to finally realize what career path she wants to take following the end of the 2018-2019 school year. The amount of energy that is shown from the students is something that is special to Ms. Culver. For the future, Ms. Culver hopes to stick with teaching in some way, and she is willing to work hard and put in the time and dedication that will be needed.  

“I hope to continue teaching. I have some interviews lined up, but the best thing would be that I could stay here at Old Mill,” Ms. Culver said.