A Colorism Controversy

Aaliyah Love, Staff Writer

Light Skins vs Dark Skins, a colorism controversy!

Colorism is a controversial form of racism that is being practiced more than ever before. Old Mill students and staff have a variety of opinions on colorism and some have even experienced colorism first hand.

Colorism has a long history and it’s not pretty.

“Colorism traces all the way back to slavery. When biracial people were created from rape, people with lighter skin were given jobs in the house while people with darker skin were given jobs outside,” said Mr. Fernandes, an English teacher at Old Mill.

“I believe we are all one race and we are all connected to one blood line so we shouldn’t be biased towards other skin tones,” Fernades added.

Other staff like Ms. Kane in the Media Center know people who have experienced colorism.

“I have a biracial friend who applied for a job. Another women who was just as smart and qualified but had darker skin applied for the same job and my friend ended up getting the job,” said Ms Kane.

“I feel, socially, people with lighter skin have it easier than people with darker skin,” Kane added.

A student’s response that stood out the most was by David Beltre, a sophomore at Old Mill.

“Why are we debating about whether light skins or dark skins are better when there are bigger racial issues going on like police brutality,’’ said Beltre. “I feel we shouldn’t be concerned about which skin tone is better than the other.”