Say Goodbye to Drama With These Steps

Robert Dula, Staff Writer

Have you ever been around drama that you can’t get out of? Have you heard something so outlandish about you that you couldn’t believe it? Trust me almost everyone has had these moments. Drama ends up consuming you at one point or another. When this does happen humanity can all agree that a guide on how to let it go away would help lead you into the right path. This will help you stay away from drama and learn how to remove yourself from it once in drama. Follow these few steps below!

How to not stir up drama-

Don’t Be Insensitive

  1. Don’t be insensitive around people you don’t know. This is obvious but there are a few people out there that might not like something you say. If you stay in the lane of being correct in the best ways possible, people around you won’t judge you, which starts all the drama you could ask for. Of course, if you are around people that you know you can say whatever, then they are fine with it. But around other people you never know what they might think of you in their head.

Stay in A Small Friend Group

  1. Stay in a friend group that you trust. When looking out for friends you must know who is going to be helpful and trustworthy. This takes time, but if you don’t like someone, then don’t interact with them in the group or in general. When you are in that small friend group drama can’t be stirred up as well as it could if a larger group is around you. The reason is because people you are the closest with will be your friends. So instead of starting drama with you, they’ll be more honest or forgiving because they know you so well compared to a larger group where side opinions get in the way.

How to end drama around you-

Even if you try to stop drama, sometimes it will hit you hard. If you are looking to stop drama early or are already in drama, follow these steps in an order that fits your situation as best as possible.

Contact With One Another

  1. If the drama you are in involves someone that you were close to, try to get into contact with them. This is extremely situational, but it can cut any bad blood between you and the person very fast if you are able to talk it out. Try to listen to their side as much as possible even if you disagree. Try to see their side of the story first. After that explain your side without raising your voice or overdone hand signals. If you do raise your voice or overdo your hand signals, then the other person will be more likely to start yelling back. This would restart the whole process and even make things worse, so please be as careful as possible when talking to the person no matter what the cause is.

Stop Any Gossip

  1. Stop all gossip around you. This means that you need to be interactive with everyone that has heard a lie about you. Make sure to be very blunt with your disagreement. People will either switch their thoughts or remain the same because they think you are the one lying. When this happens do not feed them anymore. Take your time to stop and prove the gossip. Talk to people spreading things that aren’t true.

Be Friendly to Everyone

  1. Be as friendly as possible to everyone around you. Changing the minds of others is a hard task but it is even harder when you are being rude to people that say anything about the drama. Once you show that you are nice to them, they will intake whatever you want to say. Do you listen to the person that just scolded you or the person that told you something in a calm manner? Same thing happens in drama, people don’t listen to you unless they want to, so work your way to their ears.

Don’t Be Affected by Gossip or Drama

  1. Don’t show that you are affected by the gossip or drama. If they get under your skin, they tend to do it more because they are getting a satisfaction out of winning an argument. Think about all the bully posters all around the place. One of the main thoughts of stopping a bully is to act nicely to them so they don’t get the satisfaction out of you. This works against anyone in an argument since they feel like no matter what they say you don’t care. They will eventually stop if the circumstance is right.

Separation from Others

  1. If all the other steps fail, you need to separate yourself from everyone involved. This allows them time to forget about all the reasons that they are creating the drama. Tension will fall if you allow it to. Get new friends to support you. Having someone behind you is a real big motivator to keep going on no matter the nature of the drama. If you want to get some of the old friendship back, try to talk to them after you don’t hear or see anything about the old drama. If it doesn’t work out don’t stress it and go away.

Once you have done these small steps the drama will subside. The main thing to learn from the steps is that crushing drama is a process that will be defeated by time. Time is the key. Nothing works if you rush. Take your time and Break that Bad Blood!