Earth Day: A Day To Remember For Green Choices

Tristin Schlump, Staff Writer

“Earth Day every day!” “Make every day Earth Day!” “Save the Earth!”

These are a few of the countless slogans to raise awareness for protecting our Earth. There is also a special day for these slogans to do their good and expose what they are meant to tell. That day is Earth Day.

Earth Day occurs every April 22nd. The day is reserved to raise awareness of our environment, the need to protect our unique ecosystems, and learn to take better care of the Earth. Many people take this day to reflect on their actions on the environment or help clean up their streets, or just do environmentally friendly activities in their communities or schools. Our school annually participates on this special day with a PowerPoint for advisory that instructs about ways to help reduce the human impact on the environment and describes the devastating effects of plastics in our ocean.

Unfortunately, this year Earth Day was on the last day of Spring Break, preventing Old Mill from celebrating this international celebration for environmental awareness. But our Science National Honor Society does Earth Day every day within this school. Members promote recycling in classrooms by collecting paper that are in recycling boxes. Every Pride period they collect the paper and recycle it, thus promoting recycling within the building and helping to contribute to better choices with recyclables instead of just throwing them away.

But, one person says this isn’t enough.

“I think that we shouldn’t just be recycling paper from classroom,” Mrs. Maribao, biology teacher and head teacher of the Science National Honor Society said. “We need to do more like recycling trash in the cafeteria.”

By recycling the eligible products at lunch, we can all help reduce the amount of plastic in landfills and help make sure that these products are recycled and not thrown away and end up in the ocean or our ecosystems.

Earth Day should be a day to reflect and acknowledge our unique ecosystems, the negative effects of plastic in oceans, and a day to make greener choices. But at the same time, Earth Day should be a day to have us all remember to make greener choices and “Make every day Earth Day!”.