Spotify Superiority


Junior Ian Mansfield jamming out in the cafeteria.

Caleb Ellison, Staff Writer

When it comes to music streaming services, it’s a big market. Big name brands include Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. However, there are some under-the-radar music apps that can get the job done such as Soundcloud, Amazon Prime Music, and iHeartRadio.

All the choices and options can be overwhelming, but if someone is looking for the best value from what they spend, then Spotify is the best bang for your buck.

Spotify, with a free membership, allows the user to select their favorite musicians and songs, and the user can also create playlists. Some drawbacks of a free membership include the fact that songs can’t be downloaded and played on demand. So songs can only be played online. Other limitations include the amount of times a user can skip songs, and of course with any free service, there will be ads after every 4-5 songs.

However, for $9.99 per month the user can get Spotify Premium. Premium membership allows the user to play any songs they want, whenever they want it. There are no ads interrupting the songs, and the user has unlimited skips through songs. Premium users can download their songs and playlists so they can play the music they love without access to the internet.

“You’re not assigned your music. It finds songs it thinks you’ll like, and you can discover new music,” said sophomore Ashlee Frick. Spotify has always been praised for its algorithms of picking music it thinks its users will like.

An exclusive feature to Spotify, Premium membership, also gives the user a free Hulu subscription for no extra charge. No other music service offers additions like that.

With all the features and incentives included with Spotify, it is the supreme service for any music-lover.