Where Did The Lingos Go?

Through the course of your life you will encounter many different kinds of people. These people can be from many different cultures all of whom grow up with different languages. People develop trends of different verbal sayings, but as life goes on these tend to fade out

Today there are many words that are popular like: The moves, Period, a bop, or yee yee. Words like these come and go just like our uses on old apps or games and even our fun times at Toys R Us. These verbal sayings fade out just like our Club Penguin Memberships. This happens for many reasons.

“Because humans are constantly seeking change and social approval, and just to feel included in some way,” said Michelle Robinson. “Humans just need some sort of connection.”

This makes it difficult to keep all of these sayings present. Because of the lingo changing words like, Turn up, word, Bangin’, on fleek, rachet, yeet, and dope. We need to find new things to fill their places. Just like Snapchat and Instagram, they took over social media which goes into how social media influences the words we say.

“Social Media brings out new meanings for certain words,” said Gavin Royers.

Social Media has taken over, washing our once used lingos ones we thought would never leave down the drain. Although through this whole time period one thing that has been used forever is “ain’t”. It has stuck through the ages. Even some unliked words can stick around. While other words are fading, “ain’t” will never go away.