The 2019 Special Olympics Global Youth Summit Attended by Old Mill

By Tori Callender, Staff Writer

The Global Youth Leadership Summit is an event in which 150 people from 45 countries meet to discuss how to improve inclusion practices all over the world.

Coach Cathy Wiley, Senior Julia Bagnell, and Senior Chad Brooks had the opportunity to represent Maryland and the U.S.A by Special Olympics Maryland. They resided in dorms on the beautiful Campus of NYU Abu Dhabi, Dubai. They ate most of their meals in the dining hall.

The event was very successful for everyone who was involved. Manager of Unified Champion Schools Sara Prescott called the event “a week full of incredible learning and growth experiences; it was also amazing to watch friendships grow over just one week.” This event allowed for Unified Sport practices to be updated and modified to be the best program it possibly can. The trip to Dubai helped our very own Old Mill team to become more cultured and ready for seasons to come.

“I would do this again in a heartbeat,” Head Unified Bocce and Tennis Coach Cathy Wiley. “I hope to be asked to go to the Special Olympics in Sweden in 2021- we will see.”