Coming to Old Mill: Global Citizenship Class

Assistant principal Mr.Carr

Assistant principal Mr.Carr

Jaycelin Kovach, Myia McGhee, Trinity Butler, and Aaliyah Love

Global Citizenship, a semester long course will be starting for all freshman in 2020.

The global Citizenship Class is for students to learn how to deal with social issues and current events. It teaches students to speak their opinion in a kind and respectful manner. The students will also be able to learn about being a Citizen, what that means as well as expressing your views. When asked about the course Mr.Carr said:

“It’s important to teach kids to disagree in a polite way, to not cause conflict,” said Mr.Carr.

Though the curriculum is still being developed, it will be able to teach many different topics; and will have many introspective learning opportunities. This course was designed at Arundel High School because of the KKK petition, which ended bringing up extremely sensitive topics. How to cope with and discuss these types of topics is at the center of the purpose of this new course.

“I truly believe it will benefit all students,” said Mr.Carr.

This course will be a semester long for all of the incoming freshmen, that will offer a ½ credit in the signature program and will be a graduation requirement for all students entering after the class of 2020. The main people that are starting up this program are also paired with the signature program, which is a program that helps students make connections with the world around them.

“I am a strong believer in signature, trying to make real world connections,” said Mr.White.

All and all this program seems to be making headway in the Old Mill curriculum. What do you think about the Global Citizenship Class? Would you want to take it? Let us know in the comments!