How Do Old Mill High School Freshmen Feel About High School?


Tristin Schlump

Freshman Allisyn Lewis

Tristin Schlump and Yaritza Martinez

As every new school year starts, a fresh batch of 9th graders join the Old Mill High School student body. And with these freshmen, comes adjusting to life in high school. Many freshmen have different opinions before high school and now, past the middle of the school year, some of those opinions have changed.

The first opinion that freshmen had of high school was that there was going to be a lot of work and that classes would be very hard compared to middle school. Some felt this way, while others felt that work was only slightly harder compared to middle school. Many freshmen agreed that classes are somewhat difficult and certain classes like Honors level or AP classes are more challenging. Also, the workload can be too much for any class.

“I thought that high school classes were going to be harder,” Freshman Allisyn Lewis said. “I’m not taking an AP class, but AP classes seem too much for freshmen and only seniors should take them.”

Freshmen also stated that the school seemed really big at first and that the quality of certain facilities aren’t very good. But, after spending almost two semesters in this school, the school is easier to navigate and not as big as it seemed on the first day of high school, though facilities haven’t improved.

Students and how they act were another issue for freshmen. They thought some students were going to be hard to handle or like other students in middle school. Now being here at Old Mill, they see that there are lots of different people that make the student body diverse.

“There are very varied people,” Freshman and IB student Ashley Chen said. “What I mean is that there are diverse people here.”