Amazing Swimmers On The Old Mill Swim Team


Photo by: Tristin Schlump

Junior Santiago David is a swimmer on the Old Mill swim team and qualified for the State Championships.

The Old Mill High School swim team had a great season with great leadership and performances from the new players on the team and experienced swimmers.

This season both our female and male swimmers on the swim team finished 8th at the County Championships and Regionals. One of our juniors, Santiago David or Santi by his teammates, qualified for the State Championships. He finished 18th in the breaststroke.

Lots of swimmers on the team stood out and performed well. Freshman Ava Allen, Mackenzie Parker, Jackson Bromwell, and Gunther Spranger added fresh blood to the team with more depth and versatility. For the Boys’ swim team, Sophomores Will D’Antoni and Trey McCoy, David, and Senior Mike Ellison all did outstanding. Seniors Mia D’Antoni and Sydney Cohenour did well for the Girls’ swim team. Out of all these students, Mia D’Antoni and David performed the best out of the team. David was the first in three years to make it to States as well as Regionals and Counties. Mia D’Antoni led the Old Mill swim team in the first ever countywide fund raiser swim-a-thon called Swim Across America where together with other schools raised $17, 544 to be donated to cancer research and cancer awareness.

“We did really great,” David said. “We did really well at the County Championships. I think that more people should join, its really fun and the coach is really nice.”