Varsity Cheerleading Season Wraps-up


L-R: Maria Tedja, Casey Bivins, Kyleigh Arthur The group of cheerleaders who made major contributions to the team.

Varsity Cheerleading at Old Mill wrapped up a roller coaster of a winter season.

“This season was very challenging because we named it, Redemption…The biggest struggle was getting everybody to do their best at all times,” said head coach Sabrina Barnes.

The season started off rocky for its disorganization and lack of structure. They felt like while making improvements, they were also taking steps backwards. Although it was rough, they placed amazingly well at the county competition with a ground-breaking improvement from last place to 7th place all in a year’s work. Everyone was very surprised in how well they did. It could’ve been very possible from the energy that the team provided. With such energy this helped with the material improvement, learning hard work and pay off, and true bond of sisterhood.

“Winning 7th was the biggest accomplishment and the best part. The biggest struggle was earning respect from staff and peers,” assistant coach Bre’Anna Clifton said.

Even with the bond of the Sisterhood there were still some huge struggles, such as having to learn material last minute, trying to communicate, and having people put all their effort in. The coaches wanted to see the team’s dedication, which later fell into place. With the big improvements of Maria Tedja, Casey Bivins, and Kyleigh Arthur, it helped better the team as a whole. Hopefully these improvements will carry on and makeup for the loss of 7 seniors, including, Brianna Butler, Hannah Bouie, Malia Curtis, Sydney Edwards, Kyndal Griffin, Andreita Marcus, and Octavia Owolabi.

“The best part was watching the team perform at counties and give the best performance of this season,” Barnes said.