Absenteeism is Increasing by The Minute!!!


Nayshawn Brown

Junior Josh Hudson

Brianna Carter and Nayshawn Brown, Staff Writers

Absenteeism is when one stays away from their school or workplace without a valid reason. Over the years, absenteeism has increased gradually.

Maryland has a percent of 30 students with high absenteeism according to Education Week. Last week many students were interviewed about why absenteeism has increased so much this year.

Junior Oluwaseyi Bello said, “Some people don’t care about failing.”

According to the results of multiple interviews with students, they just don’t care about school. They’d rather not get an education and stay home instead of getting an education and graduating to look for a career.

Others believe that students are being absent a lot because they want to smoke marijuana.

“People want to skip school to smoke,” Junior Carlos Rivera-Diaz says. “They don’t care.”

Another reason why students are being absent a lot is because most students that attend this school have late night shifts from 4 to like 10-11 pm. They don’t get enough sleep which would cause them to fall asleep in all their classes which means no work can be done. So instead they stay home and get some rest.

Student absences have grown out of control this 2018-19 school year. The reasons range from ditching school, to smoking, and to working late at night. Whatever the cause, it seems that students have become careless about their education.