To Read, or Not to Read: That is the Question


L-R: Cala Burgess, Deja Atkinson

Maddie McDermott and Bailey Musser, Staff Writers

“A place we go to read and analyze books. We also read books that are more relatable and enjoyable for kids our age,” said Junior Cala Burgess.

The Urban Book Club teaches kids by reading many books that are involved with situations in urban areas. Many of the books the kids read are all approved by AACPS and most books are fiction based. After they finish reading the book that they were assigned the students go over the book as a group while they’re asked questions about it. Anyone is allowed to join; you just have to love to read and show up to meetings.

“We read books about police brutality and relevant topics. I heard about it at a tent that was promoting clubs during back-to-school night,” said Freshman Maria Catot.

The kids that are in the Urban Book Club all enjoy reading and encourage people to join if you express your love in reading.

“The students love all the books we read and most days we either read or discuss the books and topics,” said Special Education Teacher Mrs. Thompson, who is the club’s sponsor.

Freshman Maria Catot