Old Mill Welcomes The Magnificent Zando

New Assistant Principal Mr. Zando

New Assistant Principal Mr. Zando

Bailey Musser and Jenna Baker

According to Mrs. Briemann, “ He is very nice and skilled at what he does.  He also gets along well with students and staff which makes him fit well into Old Mill.”

Last year was the well-liked Dr. Lyon’s final year which brought our new assistant principal, Mr. Zando.

But who is he, anyway?

Mr. Zando has spent the past eleven years in education.  The first ten years, he taught physical education to elementary, middle and high school students.  Halfway through last year, he went from a teacher to an Alt One which is similar to an administrators position.  Alt One’s are typically in charge of disciplinary actions and working one on one with students whom are struggling with school appropriate behavior.  

When asked his opinion of our school and his new job, Mr. Zando said, “I love it.  I always like a new challenge or adventure so to speak.”

He also “misses the students [he] had built relationships with” but doesn’t miss the many “issues in the hallways and the cafeteria” throughout his old school, Meade High School.

Mr. Zando is “professional, excellent and caring about students and their achievements,” said administrator Mr. Vachon.

Two thousand three hundred twenty-five students and staff here in Old Mill.  Not one of them had a single piece of criticism to offer for the new assistant principal in town, which in and of itself speaks volumes.