Knockout Sequel?


Dontae Shannon & Taleja Turner, Staff Writer

Creed II was one of the most hyped movies for 2018 even when the trailer dropped the summer of the same year. The first Creed earned a high rating of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Creed II picks up with Adonis Creed’s life since his loss in his first ever boxing match. He has piled up a win streak in terms of wins and is really on top of the boxing world. He and his girlfriend Bianca

(Tessa Thompson) are expecting. But Adonis’ life is about to take a turn upside down when Viktor Drago and his dad Ivan come to challenge Adonis to a boxing match given his new-found success. Even though Viktor is an amateur and never was in a major boxing match Adonis accepts the offer because the fight means more to his family ties. Ivan Drago is the man who killed Apollo Creed, Adonis’ father he never knew. Adonis must learn to balance his family with his new found boxing success and learning to get up when he’s knocked down

What’s Good: The performance put on by Michael B. Jordan is downright phenomenal. In the first act when he was just about to face off with the much bigger and more dominant Viktor Drago you could really sense the anxiousness and downright fear that was in his eyes. It’s not at all easy to look that scared and to visibly show it. The passion he shows in emotional scenes with his mother are bone chilling. His downward spiral into depression was so believable with his hair grown out and he even grew a beard. The grit he shows in Adonis is a great representation of a Creed and will make all the old head Rocky fan boys smile. Seeing Apollo Creed’s son beat up Ivan Drago’s seed will really warm the heart of Rocky fans.

What’s Bad: The big issue in this movie is its predictability. The fact that Adonis in the first hour of the movie was already going into a big boxing match with so much movie left all but let the viewers know he was ready to be defeated in his home country. Drago down right destroyed Creed and only didn’t take a loss because of Drago getting disqualified for a late hit. The pacing just could’ve been better.

All in all, Creed II is a great sequel and it won’t be the last installment

of the series. They set the foundation of a strong character who has a lot of dog and never say die inside of him. They just need to pace themselves with the movie and not try to dive into the story.

Grade: On a 1-10 scale Creed gets a solid 8.5. I recommend anyone to see it especially if they saw the first one, but the predictability takes you back from such a good story and message. It’s like any other boxing movie at its core: our hero gets beat, training montage, then he wins.