The Great ‘Ave’

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The Great ‘Ave’

Dontae Shannon, Staff Writer

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It’s around 5:30 a.m. and any other student is in bed right now, not even up preparing for the school day. But in Old Mill Senior High School there is a student not only awake but getting shots up in the school gym before most teachers are even in the building.

Avion Robinson, senior guard, is up before any of his competition working on his craft. Avion has an obvious will to be great. When asked what gives him the will and the motivation to be great at what he does his answer is simple and right to the point.

“Kobe Bryant…that fire and passion he plays with just makes me want to play like him,” Robinson said.

Avion even sports the number 24 on the court. When asked if he thought if he’d switch to number 1 for his senior campaign he simply said, “Come on now, you know I’m going to rock that 24 baby.”     

Those mornings weren’t spent alone though soon enough the whole basketball team was in the gym early in the morning working out and practicing as early as 5:30 a.m. When asked who started this new regime he says if he wasn’t splitting his talents with coach McCormick and the Old Mill football team then the basketball team would have been in the gym that early a long time ago.

“The reason we haven’t been doing it over the years was because I was playing football. I suggested it because I feel I want to be great at what I do. Working out while everyone else is sleep is great and I feel like I’m getting a head start on everyone,” Robinson said.

Going into his senior year Robinson is the unquestioned leader of the Old Mill boys’ basketball team. But it wasn’t always this way coming into his freshman year. Even though he played varsity basketball Avion was less mature than he is now and was behind a great class of basketball players especially at the guard position.

“Specifically off the court where he’s showing academically, and less discipline issues than when he was a 9th grader who used to get in trouble a little bit,” said Old Mill head coach Mike Francis, who has coached Avion all four years of high school. “Now he’s a part of the ALC (Athletic Leadership Council)  program which means he’s showing leadership for all our student athletes not just the basketball program but Old Mill in general.”

When asked how learning behind a 1st team All-County guard such as Camari Wilkerson had helped him Robinson had this to say, “Camari really lead by example my freshmen year, and ever since then I just tried to carry on the tradition.”

That he has. Since 2016 Old Mill basketball is 48-8 with Robinson as the focal point of the offense.

Off the court Robinson isn’t the cut throat competitor he is when he steps in between the lines however.

“He’s a good person to be around, cool personality…he’s a clown,” said Daevone Johnson, Avion’s teammate and cousin.

When asking his peers if Robinson could be considered a role model by the younger class students that might look up to him the answer was very consistent and clear.

“Yes, he leads by helping his teammates on the court, and his friends in the classroom. He’s also very kind and doesn’t get in any trouble anymore,” classmate and close friend Amare Raikes had to say on Avion’s role model potential.

Avion’s future looks bright. He is pursuing to play college basketball at the next level. At the time of this writing Robinson dropped 40 points in the Patriots’ debut game of the 2018-19 season setting the tone hopefully for the rest of his season.

Award History:

Sophmore: First-Team All-County

Junior: Avg over 25 PPG in post season, Second Team All-County


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