Old Mill Welcomes Mr. White

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Old Mill Welcomes Mr. White

Mr. White, the new administrator at Old Mill.

Mr. White, the new administrator at Old Mill.

Mr. White, the new administrator at Old Mill.

Mr. White, the new administrator at Old Mill.

Chester Jackson, Ryan Park, and Michael Lamartina, Staff Writers

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“Never met him in my life”

These are the words of Ms. Blue, an English teacher, on the newly arrived administrator Mr. White. Between both students and teachers, White seems to be mostly unknown, however it would seem he is slowly becoming known.

Ms. Smith told us that White had a four-day grace period before he was given all of his duties, and since that period ended on December 1st, the new administrator has been making a name for himself.

He has taken control of the announcements and has been seen roaming the halls disciplining students.

Mr. White isn’t new to the administrative business. He started out as the department chair of Social Studies at Northeast High School. Since then he’s been an administrator at South River, Meade, North County, and recently, Glen Burnie, and has been serving 18 years in the county. His duties include to build relationships between students, to provide discipline, and help run the school. Mr. White isn’t the assistant principal for no reason: he loves his job since he gets to work with students and help them grow.

“(I’m) really looking forward to working with Ms. Smith and the other administrations,” said Mr. White.

He also has charisma (which, he claims is natural) and tries to be honest and even have a little fun with what he does. Furthermore, he also states that he is excited to be a Patriot. He is said to love Star Wars and the beach. Ms. Brown, a Health teacher, states that she met Mr. White when she encountered and talked to him in the hall. From this encounter, she understands that Mr. White is from New York City.

“I think he will be successful at everything he tries,” Ms. Brown said.

Mr. Edwards, an administrator at Old Mill, states that he is glad and excited to have Mr. White as part of the administrative team and is glad that the administrative team of Old Mill is whole once again.

Mr. Chedda, an Algebra I teacher, states that what he gathered from Mr. White is that he is replacing Ms. Cassarino due to illness. Mr. Chedda also says that it’s difficult to come into the school year since people have already acclimated to the school and due to this, Mr. White now must work twice as hard. Being in administration is already time consuming and now, Mr. White must put a lot of effort into relationships and must think about everybody at Old Mill. Mr. Chedda wishes Mr. White luck in the present and future years to come.

Ms. Smith states that she met Mr. White at administrative training and meetings over the Summer. She believes that Mr. White is hard working, is going to be a great administrative principal, and brings great knowledge with him after years of experience. He also has an ability to listen, and to help students and teachers out. Ms. Smith states that this isn’t news to her since Mr. White has been an assistant principal trainee for a long time. Ms. Alvarado, a special education teacher, states that he is awesome.

“I’m his favorite!” Ms. Alvarado says.

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Old Mill Welcomes Mr. White