Making My Way Downtown


Madelyn McDermott

Downtown Annapolis has many food and clothing places to go to. The food ranges from seafood to finger food and all of the places will have what you want to eat.

One seafood place is Joss Café which has very delicious sushi. A finger food place would be Chick n  Ruth’s Deli which has anything you would want to eat including the best milkshakes.

The scenery is very pretty as well, offering many great photo ops. One great area to take pictures is by the water at the Annapolis Harbor. Another great place is the Naval Academy and its open to anyone who wants to visit after going through the proper screening.

One of the problems with Downtown Annapolis is the limited amount of parking. Most of the roads are one way and they’re very small roads which makes people have to parallel park. It’s often crowded everywhere to most people who go to Downtown Annapolis making it busy a lot of the time.

“I went to an escape room in Downtown Annapolis it was very fun and was put together very well,” said Junior Madison Ward. “It had many challenges, but other than that I had a lot of fun and would totally do it again.”

I would give Downtown Annapolis a 4-star rating out of 5, because it’s stressful looking for a parking space when it’s crowded with people. The food, clothing, and people are all so great and it is really worth your time.