BitLife: The Game of the Year


L-R: Emma Single, Caleb Bailey, and Kylie Sarno are all BitLife gamers.

Madison Ward and Maddie McDermott, Staff Writers

“I like how it can be real life situations and really expose you to different parts of life,” said Junior Emma Single about the game of the year that is increasing in popularity every week.

BitLife is a life simulator app. You can choose your life choices and have a great life or go down the wrong path. This is a randomized game and nothing is ever the same. There are funny and bad consequences and it’s all up to you to live your best life. The society today has explored the different paths of your character’s life.

In the game you start off as an infant. As you age you have different scenarios on how to live your life. For example you can become a hero by saving someone’s life, you can attend college, you can fall in love and start a family. Some bad scenarios would be becoming an alcoholic or drug addict, you can end up in jail by committing a murder or assault, you can become in debt at a casino, and be arrested for not having enough money. BitLife is a popular strategy-based game that can really make you think about how to live the best life.

BitLife is voted one of the top 10 trending games in the app store. I would give BitLife a 5-star rating out of 5, because this game is very addicting and can really cure your boredom when you have nothing to do.