A Fall From Grace


Dontae Shannon & Taleja Turner, Staff Writers

Co-Captains Malia Curtis (Right) and Amanda Good (Left) at one of three competitions.

The Old Mill cheerleaders had a great season cheering on their football team!

The cheerleaders brought excitement and energy to every game the squad cheered at.

However, when it came to the competition within the county, the squad fell short not winning a single competition the participated in.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” co-captain of the cheer squad Daejah Matthews said when asked why the squad hadn’t placed. “We just got to work hard, and I feel like we weren’t working our hardest. Really we could’ve worked harder.”

However, injuries played a large role in this year’s campaign.

Co-Captain Malia Curtis commented, “The girls that were put in the position where they didn’t know what they were doing…it was hard, but they had to fulfill it.”

Curtis herself missed competitions due to an ankle injury. She missed two competitions. Matthews missed the first competitions due to a thumb injury. Third captain Amanda Good also injured her ankle.

“We had a lot of injuries, so we had to put people in places they weren’t familiar with, and our competitions were really close together so we only had about two days to work things out and put them back together,” Good said.

Team Awards included juniors Vision Peratino, and Daejah Matthews who were nominated to be on the all-county team.