Back 2 Back

Dontae Shannon and Taleja Turner, Staff Writers

A 34-19 loss knocked old mill football out of playoff contention for a second straight season after the team grew accustomed to making the post season.

Old Mill went into South River’s game 5-4 with a chance to make the post season with a win but ultimately came up short

Head coach Chad McCormick cheering on big play.

Now Old Mill and head coach Chad McCormick enter another off-season searching for answers.

WHAT WENT RIGHT: The Patriots while going 5-5 were in games and were competitive in all but one of their losses.

“We had one game we did very poorly in was against Broadneck (Bruins). We weren’t very competitive in that football game. We were very competitive in three games in the losses that we had. Good season win we’ve had Chesapeake was an undefeated team we beat them 28 to nothing that was one of our better season wins.” Old Mill head coach Chad McCormick said.

Old Mill’s defense showed flashes of brilliance during points of the season shutting out the undefeated Chesapeake Cougars in Week 7, and only allowing six points to the Meade Mustangs, and Glen Burnie Gophers. The talented secondary of Dontae Shannon, Jaden Lambert, Myles Demby, Baki Odejayi, Dajuan Miles, and to start the year Nehemiah Carter racked up seven interceptions combined.

WHAT WENT WRONG: The Patriots didn’t make the playoffs for a second straight year which will always be wrong. The team was riddled with injuries to players such as James Chew, Odejayi, Demby, Carter, and Miles.

“Very much key players hurt all the time” Patriots stud sophomore receiver Camron Winborne said when asked how injuries effected their

Sophmore Camron Winborne at the start of the football season.


“Injuries can affect any sport that’s being played out there. There was sometimes we lost guys to injuries that might’ve affected us a little bit, but we worked to develop quality backups, so I never look at injuries as a reason to win or lose football games,” said McCormick on how injuries affected the season.

The patriot’s offense also struggled and failed to score over 21 points in six out the 10 contests they played, getting shut out against the Bruins.

PLAYER HIGHLIGHTS: Daekwon Rose had 31 receptions for 402 yards and 3 touchdowns. He wasn’t done there as he added 16 carries for 169 yards and another score. Rose also had 12 returns for 271 yards including an 84-yard score against the North County Knights his lone kick return score. Daekwon was selected to represent Old Mill at the BTC All-Star game. Daekwon was an honorable mention for the all-county team.

Ryheam Tull was his normal workhorse self. Carrying the ball an absurd 192 times for 897 yards and 10 touchdowns. He returned 25 punts for 336 yards and a 65-yard score against the Chesapeake Cougars. He was also chosen to represent Old Mill in the BTC All-Star game. Tull was an honorable mention for the all-county team.

Elisha Pinnock another all-county hopeful allowed the fewest pressures in AAC and was selected to represent Old Mill in the Crab Bowl, and Eastern Shore Bowl.

Markus Thompson threw for 1,308 yards on 49% Completion percentage and 13 Touchdowns to only 4 Interceptions he has be chosen to represent Old Mill in the Eastern Shore bowl. He made second team all-county at punter.

Nate Fleming was honorable mention for all-county at Center.

Deonte Graves was honorable mention for all-county at Defensive end.

Dajaun Miles was honorable mention for all-county at Outside Linebacker.

Stephen Nisewaner was second team all-county at Guard.

Gregory ‘Gee’ Burno was second team all-county at Defensive Tackle.

Tra Thomas was second team all-county at Linebacker.

Dontae Shannon was a first team all-county selection at Corner Back.