Tough Season For Old Mill High School Varsity Golf


Jenna Baker

Devan Grover

Bailey Musser and Jenna Baker

Old Mill Varsity Golf had a rough time trying to best long-time rivals Arundel High School this fall sports season. 

This season, 4 of the 12 students on the Golf team went to counties this year.   Sophomore Alexander Hoot shot under 50 in the first match.  Junior Devan Grover shot under 80 at counties this year.  Sophomore Sydney Heuvel and juniors Grover and Ryan Chapin qualified for districts. 

“We competed with Arundel,” said junior Chapin.  “They were the other top school in the county.  We finished in second behind Arundel for most of our matches.” 

It was a hard season for the Old Mill Varsity Golfers, but they weren’t going to quit.  When asked, both Grover and Chapin said, “Yeah, I’d play again next year.” 

“We didn’t expect the season not to go well.  We thought we’d do better than last season,” said Grover. 

Despite some excellent performances by some of the best golfers in Anne Arundel County’s Public School System, they still finished second over-all to Arundel High School for the Fall season.