Club Profile – Spanish Honors Society


Leader of the Spanish Honors Society, Ms.Schmidt

By Priscilla Abii, Ademide Faleti, and Aylissa Williams, Staff Writers

The Spanish Honors Society led by Miss Schmidt has allowed students to expand their knowledge and give native speakers an opportunity to get to know other students at the school.

In the Spanish honor society club there are officers who lead the club such as the President, Caitlyn Digsby. The Vice Chairperson is Emma Olin. The Secretary is Kesha Pancholi. The Historian is Taylor Smith. This club prepares students for their future in college by giving the students an opportunity to apply students for a specific language scholarship. In order for students to be able to join the club it is required of them to have a 3.0 GPA, An A or B in the Spanish class or if you take AP Spanish it is acceptable to have a C.

This is Ms. Schmidt’s second year of running Old Mill’s Spanish Honors Society. They have hosted multiple things like, food drives and a faculty fiesta. They were also involved in the multi-cultural fair, and have gone on field trip to the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C, on the Day of the Dead.

“I recommend students to join only if they are serious about it, we allow 9th-11th graders to apply . It also looks good if you plan on majoring in a language,” added Miss Schmidt