Club Profile- Art Honors Society


Jaylen Cross, Ayo Agida, Brandon Malone, Luke Bassford

Gage Utz, Jaden Pope, Sam Cabral, Shane Bieber, Staff Writers

Ms. Kraus held Pride meetings for Honors Art Society every Thursday to talk about organization for school events.

Honors Art Society continues to help with Theater Company by painting and creating banners. They help create props and sets for Theater Company. The society already created the banner for the musical, every pride period they have been gathering to paint the banner to get it ready for the show.

The requirements to join is that you need to be a junior and just have the love for art

Alex nickel explained, “I joined because of my love for art and being around others who love art.” Ms. Johannes the previous teacher had left Old Mill and left the club in Ms. Kraus hands.