Club Profile – Games Club

Chris Oliva, Kylan Rober, Kevin Sutton, Dustin Shearin, Staff Writers

Games Club is a club open for pride nearly every day in Miss Tambellini’s room where everybody is welcome.

L-R: Jaylen Cross, Ayo Agida, Brandon Malone, and Luke Bassford

Games Club meets every day in Miss Tambellini’s room. In this club, various people come in everyday to do different activities around the room. The main option is computer games or Photoshop, or really anything that you can do on the computers. However you are allowed to bring in any cards or board games are also available.

Normally the club splits into around 5-6 “factions”, depending on what they do around the room. The main games/activities seen are Minecraft, Yu-gi-oh, Stick Fight: the Game, and Photoshop. The club has existed for around three years, starting with just a few of Miss Tambellini’s students, eventually developing as they brought their friends and others started hearing about the club.

“I adopted a few of them, and then they started bringing their friends,” said Tambellini, “but you really never know who’s going to come through that door and I’ve gotten some interesting ones.”