Pride 2017: The Facts

Dr. Hamlin meets with Old Mill Times reporter Sam Hall in his office.

Dr. Hamlin meets with Old Mill Times reporter Sam Hall in his office.

By Rebecca Riddervold

By Rebecca Riddervold

Dr. Hamlin meets with Old Mill Times reporter Sam Hall in his office.

By Sam Hall and Rebecca Riddervold, Staff Writers

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Old Mill Times reporters sat down with Principal Dr. Hamlin to ask questions about the new PRIDE that will be starting in early February. Dr. Hamlin wanted to emphasize the reason for this PRIDE change is not a punishment. In fact, the main concern was that the students weren’t able to get lunch with the hallway times that the ‘Old PRIDE’ offered. Dr. Hamlin has assessed the hallways, attendance, and behavior during PRIDE and made changes to try and make the school a better place.

The times will be from 8:45 to 9:15 Tuesdays to Fridays with advisory on Monday during 8:45 to 9:15.

“I Dislike the A/B/C/D Lunch Shift”

This lunch shift was put back in place in order to ensure that all students have the ability to buy and eat lunch without the stress of being late for classes. “Everyone gets lunch,” stated Dr. Hamlin. “People were anxious during PRIDE about trying to get to their location on time when they had to buy lunch.”

“What about my club?”

Clubs will still meet during a selected day (or days) during the new PRIDE Period, allowing the teacher to host a club, and still be able to help his or her students. Dr. Hamlin described how he is trying to push for clubs for the students who want to see teachers who they no longer have.

“Teachers will have more flexibility now that they can stay in their classroom and don’t have to worry about a duty,” said Dr. Hamlin.

“What about my job? 10:40 is too late!”

With the new PRIDE schedule 2nd period will be ending at a new time, 10:40. Some students, such as the seniors, who leave after 2nd period are concerned about the time change. Dr. Hamlin wants to ensure that all students know that their problems will be heard, and he is, “…willing to work with you to try and find a solution.”

“What about morning CAT North?”

“With any change [To PRIDE] there will be trade-offs,” explained Dr. Hamlin.

There will be opportunities for all students get help from teachers, whether it be during lunch or after school. Dr. Hamlin believes that they can build in opportunities and that through the cooperation of teachers and staff, they can make something work.

These are the top 4 questions that students wanted to know the answers to, if you have more questions or have an opinion you want to be heard, please meet with an Old Mill Times Newspaper student or Mr. Jones in room A274.

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Pride 2017: The Facts