Coping Without a Cell Phone: Is It Possible?

By Hunter Parish and Jacob Dunn, Staff Writers

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Sophomore Gage Utz talks on his phones during a class change.

Junior C. J. Bost enjoys socializing on his cell phone during a break.

Sophomore Chris Gatton has an emergency phone call during lunch time.

The students of Old Mill may not be tempted to use their cell phones throughout the day, while others can be on it all day and night. There are many different reasons for using cell phones including to text people, to use social media, to watch movies or television shows, to play games, or just to prevent boredom. Some may classify their electronic usage as an addiction and some may not, but either way it is impacting their lives.

When interviewing sophomore Gage Utz, we found that he is always using his phone for social media and communication. What happens, though, when his phone gets taken? Does he have a resort?

“Yes, I use my iPad for facetime, but it stays at home,” Utz said. When asked about what his physical and mental responses are when his phone is approaching 10% or less, Gage said, “I gotta charge it!!”

He told us the amount of times that he needs to be told to get off of his phone throughout the day and he responded with twice by his mom. Gage tries not to use his phone a lot during school, but sometimes it is just too tempting. Lastly, Gage said he believes he is addicted to his phone.

Said Gage, “Yes (I am addicted), I like to talk to girls through snapchat, text, and DM.”

When Isaac Acosta’s phone is approaching 10% or less, he has to get to a charger as quickly as possible to charge it. He also said that when he gets his phone taken, he resorts to his PS4 as he doesn’t have a back-up phone. Isaac’s cell phone often poses a distraction during class as he has to be told to get off of it during class about twice a day. Lastly, when asked whether he thought he was addicted or not, Isaac said, “Yes, I always text and watch Netflix.”

When attempting to understand whether you are addicted to your cell phone or not, it is important to understand what cell phone addiction really is. Cell phone addiction is also known as problematic mobile phone use, and is a behavioral addiction thought to be similar to that of an internet, gambling, shopping, or video game addiction and it can lead to severe impairment or distress.

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Coping Without a Cell Phone: Is It Possible?