Cellphones and Stress

Phantom Rings and Vibrates are Telltale Signs

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Devin Kaestner

Dennis Thomas

Cassie Ferrante

Cellphones can cause major stress in your life at home, school, or on social media.

At home you can lose touch with family members. In school you can become distracted and fall behind. On social media, issues can be started between people and friends. We conducted a survey in which we asked students about their experiences with cell phones and the stress it can cause.

 Sophomore Devin Kaestner was interviewed about the possibility of phone related stress. She feels she may be slightly addicted to her cellphone, but was willing to give up her cellphone for the interview. Devin expressed that she would be very upset and “would cry” if her phone was lost, but has gone a day (the longest such time) without her phone before. She also feels that her phone does not cause much stress in her life.

 Another student, senior Dennis Thomas, was also interviewed. He said that he is not addicted to his cellphone, but it is a big part of his life. Like Devin, he has gone a day without his cellphone. When asked about how he would react if he lost his cellphone he said, “****.” When asked about his social media use, he said if a post didn’t get a certain amount of likes he would not take it down. Dennis was not comfortable with giving his cellphone up for the interview.

 Senior Cassie Ferrante was interviewed and claimed she is addicted to her cellphone. If her phone went missing she would be extremely upset. On social media sites, she would take a post down if it didn’t get a certain number of likes. In the night she would wake up just to respond to a call or text. She has gone a day without her cellphone.

Cassie felt the “phantom vibrate,” (feel phone go off but it didn’t), and it happens often enough that she’ll check her phone and have received no notifications. This occurrence of a “phantom vibrate” is a big sign that you might be addicted to your cell phone.





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Cellphones and Stress