Are You Addicted to Your Cellphone?

Hailey Hatchell and Joel Carr, Staff Writers

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“Yes, I am extremely addicted to my phone.” said Cassandra Gamache, sophomore at Old Mill.

“Yes.” said Mrs. Durka, Tech Ed teacher at Old Mill.

“Sort of.” said Austin McDonald, junior at Old Mill.

“I’m living without it right now.” said Vincent Verdi, senior at Old Mill.

When asked, the majority of students would say they are addicted to their cellphones. Is this because of the age that they got their first cellphone? The youngest and oldest of the four we interviewed admitted to being addicted to their cellphones, because of addicting games like Pokémon GO and constantly texting friends and family.

Ms. Durka, one of the teachers at Old Mill said, “I don’t actually buy apps, I more spend my money on stuff in apps. I’ve probably spent in the last two months a good $200 on Pokémon Go.”

Most people get their first phone around the beginning of their teen years, like 13 and 15, on holidays or birthdays. People we interviewed say that they usually never overuse or abuse their devices and get them taken by their parents. They are usually told not to use them when its bedtime or when its dinner time.

Was the first cellphone you got the cause of the addiction? It seems like it. One way of another students and teachers have become addicted to their phones because the younger you are the more impressionable you are.

“When I could pay for my own when I was 17,” said Mrs. Durka.

“Probably 10 or 11, maybe,” said McDonald.

“Well the first time I got a cell phone was after my 13th birthday, and after Christmas so that was actually around 2013. Three years ago,” Gamache said.

Do you think the amount of time spent on a phone daily shows signs of cellphone addiction?

Most students would say they spend about four hours on their cellphone, but if the average is four hours, what happens when someone spend more than that a day?

“That’s actually a really hard estimate to do, I guess, Gamache said. “I stay on it a lot more than I should. I don’t actually talk to anybody on my phone, unless they talk to me because I mostly just read on my phone but since I do hours of reading, I’d have to say a rough estimate is out of all the hours I’m awake, 11 of those hours I spend on my phone.”

How you view cellphone addiction is up to you, but based on the evidence given what do you think? Is it still an addiction or an obsession or just a habit? Are you addicted?

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Are You Addicted to Your Cellphone?