Crushing Defeat

Joel Carr, journalist

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Girl’s soccer coach, Lauren Carrier, and her team suffered a horrible defeat during their semifinal game at states to Glen Burnie with a score of 2-1.

We e-Mailed the coach, Coach Carrier, about the loss in states, she said “I was very upset about our loss, the team was devastated. But all that matters is that we worked hard to get this far and we had fun doing so”.

After interviewing Christina Kendig we asked her some details about her team, she talked about her team’s offensive and defensive coordination being “pretty strong” with one of the freshmen girls (Harley Jacobs) being a key player for the team.

Other players we interviewed had very similar views on the team, like Alyssa Trenton and Autumn Kush, saying the team “has improved over the last few seasons,” and “Needs to take more chances to score”.


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Crushing Defeat